Diesel Coffee Blend Origins

The most common question we are asked about our blends is ‘where do the beans come from?’ – here’s where we source the beans:

Espresso Gold (RFA) contains beans from Brazil, Uganda and Colombia

Smooth Gold contains beans from Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia & Uganda

Reserve Filter contains beans from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica & Java

Diesel Coffee Blend Origins

Coffee beans in a wax burner? Here’s how!

YES you can use coffee beans in wax burner and it’s easier than you think!

The thought of using coffee beans in a wax burner may sound odd, but it’s really simple to do and one of the strongest and most exotic aromas you’ll experience and one that will fill your home with rich coffee scents.

You’ve heard of wax melts? You know the small scented candle wax melts that you place in a bowl over a tealight? Have a look here to learn more about using wax melts.

Do you like the rich aroma of freshly roasted coffee?

Freshly roasted coffee beans already contain oils so there’s no need to add anything to the beans.  If you like, you can add a few teaspoons of water. We tested both methods and here’s what happened.

Our lab test using Diesel Coffee espresso beans

coffee beans in a wax burner

We placed two wax burners in separate rooms and observed the difference. Continue reading “Coffee beans in a wax burner? Here’s how!”

Why Diesel Coffee – for the grind?

Diesel Coffee is the name of our brand of speciality coffees.

Freshly roasted beans and ground coffee, served with a smile.

Diesel Coffee logoThe name Diesel Coffee intends to reflect our long-term business goals. We want to provide a robust supply chain for independent coffee establishment owners and we’ll keep pushing until we achieve everything we set out to do.

It should be easy to deal with your coffee supplier and we’re building a business dedicated to supplying great coffee, freshly roasted at a fair price. Diesel Coffee is the fuel you need to keep your customers coming back.

Coffee for the grind

The grind is a play on words but we mean ‘grind’ in terms of the daily grind that anyone faces in their daily lives. We want to make the grind better for everyone.  The tag line ‘for the grind’ also links to coffee grinds and leans toward the culture of doing business over coffee. A good coffee can inspire creativity ordinarily lost in a tired mind. Continue reading “Why Diesel Coffee – for the grind?”

How to texture milk for Diesel Coffee

Learn how to texture milk for making espresso coffee drinks

Barista’s often struggle with milk texturing and although it’s a fairly simple concept, it does require practice to get it right every time. It’s crucial for any barista to learn how to texture milk for making espresso coffee drinks and once you’ve mastered the art of extracting espresso, texturing the milk is your next challenge. Getting the milk texture right really is the difference between a good and bad espresso based drink.

This video (from Ross Service) is a great starting point for any new barista or existing ones looking to hone their skills. It’s all about getting the swirl as the milk expands!

Here’s a quick reminder of a few drinks and the textures used to make them:

Cappuccino/Cortado/Macchiato = Frothy/foamy milk (microfoam)

Flat White = Silky milk (milk from the bottom of the jug, held back with a spoon)

Latte = Textured milk (textured milk & microfoam on top)

What is wet and dry milk?

Wet = no bubbles (Ex: Latte)

Dry = lots of bubbles (Ex: Cappuccino)

Note: Whole milk (full fat milk) is always best for texturing. While semi and skimmed milk will produce a similar milk texture, it doesn’t tend to last and appears ‘airy’ and light compared. It’s very difficult to get the same silky texture and microfoam with the less fatty options.

Remember:  140F is the sweet-point for milk! Costa Coffee latte’s are created using milk at 140f

Milk composition

If you are interested in learning more about milk and its composition, please visit MilkFacts.info

There you go, now you know how to texture milk for espresso based drinks it’s time to put the theory into practice. Grab yourself a steamer and have a go! Feel free to ask any questions by contacting us here

how to texture milk for diesel coffee

The coffee has landed

The very first batch of Diesel Coffee has landed. We’re in business!

The smell is enough to make you want to open every packet and dive into the beans! Now the real work begins in setting up the site and adding all the products. In the meantime, have a sneaky peek at some of our blends…

If you’re interested in learning more about Diesel Coffee, drop us a line, we’ll be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Note: Trade enquiries only at this stage.