How many espresso shots per kilo of coffee beans?

‘How many espresso shots per kilo of coffee beans’ is a common question. There are many things that can affect the number, but essentially it averages out so you can at least gain an idea.

A general Google search will tell you something like this:

How many espresso shots per kilo?

An industry standard dose for a coffee is 7 grams per shot. For a 1kg bag of beans you could expect to get in the range of 120-140 cups depending on strength, shot size and wastage.

how many espresso shots per kilo

That’s a lot of espresso shots per kilo! Bear in mind that’s for SINGLE shots. Most drinks these days start with a double shot, so you want to be thinking about 14-18 grams per drink which takes the figure down to 70 drinks that contain double shots.

Have a read of this from the ‘Coffee Forums‘ from one the contributors there:

I enquired of a guy who used to run barista championships, because I remember him posing the question to one of his contestants. he has replied:

I’d love to be the coffee roaster supplying these people!
The calculation always has been
Traditional: 6-8 grams per espresso so say 7grams on average. Therefore 1,000grams (1 kilo) / 7 grams = 142 approx
Fully Automatic: Minimum 9 grams required for an espresso. Therefore 1,000grams (1 kilo) / 9 grams = 111 approx

It’s an interesting indication of a changing world, perhaps. Many people never ever brew singles anymore.

Can I serve light shots?

While you may be tempted to be frugal with your shots to make more cash per cup, it’s probably better to stick to the 7g industry standard as that’s most people’s benchmark.

Offering low-gram weak shots is never advised! People need their fuel for the day and we have an obligation to provide good coffee to everyone! You want them coming back for more and people are a lot wiser these days. Always serve quality shots and they’ll love you for it!

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